Keychain Breath-Alcohol Tester
Product device
Hardware & Firmware
full cycle product

Life-saving tech in a tiny package

An innovative product taken from concept to production
Our work on this product started with R&D, exploring what exactly was possible to do in an cost-effective and space-constrained design. We designed final production hardware, firmware, and algorithms and supported that through manufacturing.
Breathalyzer app

Bluetooth LE
App Connectivity

If this product wasn't already functional enough, it can connect to a smartphone and provide extended features like estimating your time to sobriety. THT specializes in Bluetooth LE-connected products, so we worked closely with the App team and provided the documentation and support required to ensure a smooth experience between App and device.

Manufacturing strategy

We leveraged our AutoTest platform to maximize production-line test coverage of the product.  In addition to testing, AutoTest is used to configure the product. For example, this product's serial number has an encoded field specifying the intended country of sale.  AutoTest detects that and configures a device's language and units of measure accordingly.

Development tools

In developing an innovative product that pushes boundaries, there's a lot of research and testing involved.  This client's team required reliable and repeatable tools for collecting data during development.  We provided python-based CLI tools that connect wirelessly and provide both high-level and low-level access to the device's functionality.