Wearable Alcohol Monitor
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Hardware & Firmware
full cycle product

A refreshing new way to monitor

Building wearables is tough and THT knows how to do it
Designing a new patented sensor is also tough work and this client took on that challenge.  THT helped with extensive prototyping and research, productizing the electronics into a wearable device, and supporting that through mass production.
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Battery for weeks

THT is proud to have achieved a three-week battery life on this device. To do that required a tightly coordinated effort between Electrical and Firmware disciplines.  Every component was precisely selected to fit within a power budget.  Firmware drivers were written to be highly optimized. Exhaustive power profiling was performed to verify the device  sips power in all modes of operation.

Running 24/7

The stakes are high for a product that serves you 24/7. To ensure seamless and constant performance, THT places special emphasis on producing reliable and crystal-clear firmware code. This product's code will automatically recover in the unlikely event of a crash. Secure wireless updates allow the client to patch bugs and roll out new features. As a final safety precaution, there's a manual recovery that allows user to physically reset the device in the unlikely event of a critical malfunction. Planning ahead and solving for these unlikely worst cases allows us to remain confident in the product and avoid unacceptable failures.

Wireless cert.

Wireless products require certifications from the FCC, IC, CE, or whichever agency regulates the countries they'll be sold in. THT works with certification labs to provide the necessary technical support to get products approved for sale.  On this product, support involved supplying technical references, test instructions, and product samples modified to allow RF testing.
the Biosensor in use
Biosensor in use